What are some tips to organizing your child's room?

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There are socks in the toy box, and toys in the sock drawer. All moms have entered their child’s room only to turn around and shut the door, overwhelmed by where to even begin. We will guide you through the painstaking process of organizing your child's room in a simple, methodical manner, making the overwhelming suddenly become manageable.

First, begin the process when your children are not home! This is crucial to getting organized. It is not uncommon for a little panic to set in for your child as he sees his favorite things being moved around. Plan an hour or two of alone time for you to do the necessary evils. If you’d like your child to be a part of the process, have them join you in the ‘putting away’ process.

If you are lucky enough to be able to walk across the room, do a quick once-over. Strip sheets and blankets from the bed, empty garbage, remove dirty dishes and clothes. Now you can get to business.

Create a sorting system for yourself with 4 bins on the bed. One bin will be to “PUT AWAY.” This will be toys, clothes, books, etc. The second bin will be to “GIVE AWAY.” This bin will be outgrown clothes, toys that are no longer played with, or books that are no longer read. The third bin will be to “THROW AWAY.” This bin is for clothes that are ripped or stained, broken toys, and that one sock that no longer has a mate. The fourth bin will be items to “GIVE BACK.” These items will be library books that need to be returned, a sibling’s book or toy, a friend’s sweater or pajamas from the last sleepover. You get the idea.

Now, the fun begins…sorting! For some, this is the most daunting step to organizing your child's room. Begin with one item, the one under your foot. Look at it, and figure out which bin it belongs in. Then put it there. Now, pick up the item under your other foot and repeat the process. Before long, you will have four bins full of items, and you will realize that this room was actually carpeted. Who knew?

Once the sorting process is complete, begin by emptying the easy bins. The “THROW AWAY” bin goes straight to the garbage. The “GIVE AWAY” bin can be put into your vehicle to be dropped off at your local Goodwill or other donation center the following day. The “GIVE BACK” bin can be set outside of your child’s room to be distributed to the respective locations once you are done organizing.

Now, begin unloading the “PUT AWAY” bin, finding a home for all items. Having some simple organizing tools can help you keep your child organized. Use small plastic bins to keep socks or underwear organized. Use shelving and baskets to organize small toys, putting like items with like items. For example, a basket for all blocks, another for all dolls, and another for stuffed animals. This will make it easier for your child to keep his room organized, because he will know where to return items to when he is done playing. Another useful tool in helping you keep your child organized are small hooks on the wall for his school backpack, bathrobe, or dress-up clothes.

Consider creating ‘zones’ in your child’s room. This will create designated areas for designated activities. Some ideas could be to create a reading nook with a beanbag and bookshelf. Create a fantasy area with favorite toys and dress-up clothes or costumes. Create a music area with a portable keyboard and a basket of small instruments. Create a work area for homework and studying.

Other fun ideas to organizing your child’s room could include using their own artwork to decorate their walls. You can paint a chalkboard wall for a creative outlet. After the sorting process, the fun begins as you let your child’s interests guide you in creating a special and comforting space that is unique to your child. Allow your child’s room to become their domain - as long as they promise to keep it organized.

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