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Helping your kids on how to get organized for school

If you want your children become successful in school and in their studies, they should need proper organization when it comes to their things and most importantly in handling their homework and assignment. Teaching your kids how to get organized for school is very important because this will help them to become disciplined and responsible individuals when they grow up. As early as possible, it is best if you can train your children on how to get organized for school with their things by beginning to fix their own things for school.

Most children love to play all the time and so organizing their stuffs and keeping them in its proper places could be a challenge for them. So help your kids understand that not all the time is just for fun and play and it is essential that they should be organized with their things as well. To make it easier for them to organize their things and how to get organized for school, never pressure or demand to them but instead try to encourage them and show them the proper way of doing it.

Place bookshelves and drawers in your child’s room where they can place all their books and notebooks. This way, they can easily keep and arrange their things appropriately. This will also minimize disorganization in their desks and so when they study and do their homework, they will be able to concentrate well because their tables are neat. When they get ready for school, another way to help them how to get organized for school is to make sure that you teach them to fix their things the night before they go to school so that they won’t miss any important things they need. They also need to prepare their uniforms or their outfit for school.

how to get organized.

First, the bad news -- no matter how much you threaten, tempt, cajole and beg, you will never succeed in motivating your teenager to get organized. Take it from me (a once notoriously disorganized, rebellious teen myself): The more you lecture and punish, the more obstinate about getting organized your teen will become.

But, don't despair! The good news is that teens today genuinely want to get organized. The world has become as complicated and fast-moving for teenagers as it has for adults -- they are under enormous pressure to do well in school, build a college résumé, have an active extracurricular life, maintain a social life, perform well on PSATs, SATs ? the list goes on and on!

Organization and time management are vehicles for self-expression. After all, the first thing getting organized demands is that you figure out your priorities and identify what's important to you -- isn't pondering the answers to those questions what being a teen is all about?

. Take yourself and your own frustrations out of the picture.

Teens will get organized for their own reasons -- not just to please you. Ask your teen what the clutter and disorganization are costing him or her. Is he an A student getting B's because he often hands his homework in late? Has she wasted money on replacing items like sports uniforms and textbooks because she keeps losing them? Has his social life gone flat because his time is stretched too thin? Help your teen identify his or her own motivations in positive terms: "I want to be able to add community service to my schedule without having any of my other commitments suffer" or "I want to get better grades in school." Everybody is more motivated by a positive payoff than by a negative one.

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