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Question How do I clean a refrigerator that has mold and mildew? (Posted by: Anonymous )

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Cleaning a refrigerator with mold and mildew is never pleasant, but for your own safety it is essential. Not only can mold cause an allergic reaction in some individuals, but it can also cause illness. Fortunately, it is not difficult to get rid of mold and mildew in your refrigerator. All you need to get started are a couple of ingredients from your pantry and a few cleaning items.

Before you begin to clean a refrigerator with mold and mildew you will need to empty all the contents from your refrigerator and freezer. This is a good opportunity to check if any food packages are leaking, and to throw away any food that has expired. Remove drawers, bins, trays and shelf inserts, so you can clean underneath them. In addition to this, you should defrost your refrigerator and freezer if you don not have a frost free model. Once you are done emptying it you should unplug your appliance.

Place all the removable parts of the refrigerator, such as drawers and trays, in your bath tub. Allow them to soak in a mixture of warm water and baking soda. One cup of baking soda should do for an average size bathtub. Let them soak while you clean the interior of the refrigerator and freezer. When you are ready, rinse them with clean water, and dry them with paper towels. ??If any removable parts of your refrigerator have mold or mildew on them soak them in a bathtub of warm water along with 2 cups vinegar before soaking them in the baking soda. This will help kill the mold and mildew.

To clean the interior of your refrigerator you will need to use something that kills mold and mildew. Distilled white vinegar works well for this purpose and it is both safe and environmentally friendly. Pour undiluted vinegar into a bowl. Submerge a rag in the vinegar and gently wring it out over the bowl.

Wipe all the surfaces of the refrigerator down with the vinegar soaked rag. Reapply the vinegar to the rag as needed. You may need to to scrub with the vinegar soaked rag in some areas of the appliance. If necessary you can use a soft bristle toothbrush dipped in the bowl of vinegar. This will enable you to get small corners and crevices.

After you have wiped the entire refrigerator down with vinegar you will need to rinse it. Wet a clean rag with water and wring it out. Re-wipe the entire refrigerator and freezer with the wet rag. Re-wet and wring out the rag as needed.

To get rid of odors from the mold and mildew you can mix 1/4 cup baking soda with 1 qt. warm water. Submerge a clean rag into the mixture and wring it out. Wipe the entire refrigerator and freezer out with the baking soda cleanser. Re-wet and wring out the rag as needed.

Dry the refrigerator and freezer with clean paper towels. If residue from the baking soda is present, wipe with a clean, wet, rag before drying.

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Hey my roommate and I did this and it really did clear the mold away-- it's too soon to know if it will come back but we didn't even need the baking soda for the smell. By Anonymous on 03-01-12 at 06:18pm
I don't like the other answers (on other sites) that recommend using bleach or tilex on the inside of the fridge. I'm wondering if the icemaker/water dispenser will have to be replaced due to mold inside parts. By John on 20-04-12 at 11:24am
Easy printable condensation of the instructions (by a tech writer): Cleaning a refrigerator with mold and mildew. • Empty all contents from refrigerator and freezer. • Remove drawers, bins, trays & shelf inserts. • Soak all removable parts in a bathtub of warm water &
cups vinegar, then in warm water & 1 cup baking soda. • Wipe all surfaces of refrigerator with a vinegar-soaked rag. Rinse rag in clean water & reapply vinegar as needed. Use a toothbrush dipped in vinegar to get into corners and crevices. • After wiping entire refrigerator with vinegar re-wipe with clean water & 1/4 cup baking soda, then wipe with a clean wet rag. • Dry refrigerator and freezer with paper towels. By Douglas on 14-04-13 at 11:40am
thank you i had forgotten this way of cleaning a fridge By Kim Hawkins on 22-05-13 at 04:59am
Great instructions, easy to follow and we completed our task in a little of
hours. Thanks for the help. Deena By Anonymous on 22-08-13 at 02:09pm
Do I need to wear a mask when I remove mold from the refrigerator? Thanks! By Anonymous on 30-08-13 at 09:48pm
What if the refrigerator has been closed for a year and is REALLY moldy? By Michele on 06-12-13 at 08:27pm
The two questions by Michele 6/1
/13 and Anon 30/8/13 are ones I would like to know about as well. Cheers. By Anonymous on 08-01-14 at 04:40am
Thank you much I will try this right away... By Anonymous on 15-01-14 at 05:36pm
Thanks for this advice. have a spare fridge in the utility room which has not been used over winter so has gone mouldy. Have put all removable items in the dishwasher and will tackle the fridge as you have suggested. Thanks for your help By Iris on 13-02-14 at 06:20am
How do you clean and disinfect a refrigerator from mold and mildew? The refrigerator had been closed up for about a year. I am REALLY concerned about how to clean and flush the ice maker and the tubing that dispenses the ice and water. Is there some type of tester that can be placed or fluid that can be flushed through the plumbing lines of the refrigerator to ensure that the mold and mildew is gone(like a pregnancy test strip)? How soon after can food and liquids be placed in the refrigerator after all of the physically obvious mold is gone? Have there been studies of any microscopically invisible mold fungi or bacteria that is should be a concern? By Cindy E on 02-06-14 at 03:00pm
Tech Writer: need to use "distilled WHITE vinegar." Otherwise, great condensed version of instructions. (the world needs more GOOD tech writers!) By P.K. on 21-07-14 at 11:32am
I wonder if the tech writer is an ENTJ or an INTJ. By Anonymous on 14-08-14 at 01:56pm
Cindy E don't be ridiculous, just clean it and it will be fine, if everybody worried about testing kits on a micro-scoping level we would all be walking around in hazmat suits... By Robo on 22-08-14 at 12:36pm
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