What are Advantages of Using Natural Cleaning Solutions?

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You cannot walk through the cleaning supply section of a retail store without nearly choking on the fumes. Many cleaning supplies today still contain a cocktail of chemicals that can potentially cause various negative side effects.

Hazardous ingredients in household products include ethylene-based glycol, which is a water-soluble solvent classified as a toxic air pollutant, and crystalline silica, a butyl cellosolve linked to kidney and liver problems. Chlorine bleach, which is present in many household because of its versatility, is among the list of deadly household cleaners as simply inhaling its fumes can damage the lungs and present a serious health risk to those with respiratory problems and heart conditions.

Aside from damaging our bodies, these toxic household cleaners are harming the environment. Improperly disposing these chemicals puts wildlife and vegetation at risk of dying, while leaving household water systems susceptible to contamination.

Fortunately, despite all these convenient cleaning chemicals at consumers' disposal, there are natural alternatives available for everyday cleaning tasks. Aside from their obvious lack of deadly ingredients, natural cleaning alternatives provide countless advantages. The mere fact that natural cleaning solutions cost less money to use is enough reason alone to start using them.

A box of baking soda costs under one dollar and can last months, depending on the amount of use. Vinegar costs less than two dollars per gallon bottle and is very potent. Both vinegar and baking soda combined cost less than a bottle of a chemical cleaning product. Unlike chemical concoctions, natural products are much safer to use around children and pets. You never have to worry about your kids or pets accidentally eating baking soda or drinking vinegar, since these products are edible.

Many other natural cleaning products like lemon juice are also non-toxic and completely safe to use around the home. Finally, most natural cleaning solutions are multipurpose. Baking soda and white vinegar are two versatile cooking ingredients useful at cleaning virtually every household surface except natural stone, which is so porous the acids in vinegar can etch its surface. Baking soda acts as a mild abrasive agent to effectively remove grime and tough stains from counter-tops, kitchen appliances, walls, and many other home surfaces.

Vinegar removes tough stains in clothing items, cleans many floor surfaces, kills unwanted weeds in the lawn, and acts as a static repellent when laundering clothes. Plain white vinegar is also useful for cleaning glass windows and soap scum stains from bathtubs and showers. Chemical drain cleaner products are extremely deadly as they contain caustic ingredients that literally disintegrate debris particles that clog sinks and drains. Simply pouring baking soda followed by white vinegar or boiling water down a clogged drain clears it up most the time.

There are always natural alternatives to the hazardous household products many people still use, and there aren't any excuses anymore for not using these safer alternatives. Most natural alternatives are just as effective as chemical cleaning products. However, if cleaning with natural products happens to take more time or effort than using chemical products, just knowing how you're protecting your family and the environment should make these natural alternatives worth using.

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